Keyword Helper

Welcome to Keyword Helper, the free tool to generate list of all google auto complete keywords. Just enter your main keyword below and click on “Generate Keywords” to see the magic.

You can use this tool an alternative for Google Adwords keyword planner. If you are in search of the best keyword research tool, then you must try this one. It is free, fast and accurate, as it can quickly get you hundreds of keywords based on "Google Auto Complete" suggestions that can help you write a most result oriented article.

KeywordHelper is loved by content writers who had to manually generate and save list of Google Instant (Auto Complete) suggestions. It applies all possible patterns to get you list of all related keywords for your niche/topic. It automatically removes duplicates which saves hours of manual research work.

So, enter your topic or main keyword in the input field above, choose your target country/language, and start exploring related keywords. In the end, you can copy all keywords, or download .csv file with complete list.

How to do keyword research?

If you are looking for new topics, or want to explore niches, then this tool can be handy for you. For example, just type "health", and start extracting keywords, and you will be amazed to see what kind of queries people ask from Google related to "Health".


  • Health Tips
  • Healthy Food
  • Healthy Lifestyle

Now let's explore the "Healthy Food" further to extract more keywords. You'll further know that people search for "Australian Healthy Food", "Baby Healthy Food", "Cheap Healthy Food" etc., and this way you get closer to what kind of queries you have to answer in your article. Sounds great?

So, if you are looking for a free keyword tool then is #1 choice. It is free, it is fast and and easy to use. You can also call it "Keyword Finder", "Keyword Searcher", or "Keyword Generator".